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Sahara Red Cross Sound the Alarm Event
On Saturday Sahara had their Sound the Alarm Event with the Red Cross. 65 volunteers came out and installed 166 free smoke alarms. Some of the volunteers were employees from Arrowhead Water, Lions Club, Wells Fargo and there were City Council Members in attendance as well. Habitat for Humanity was also at Sahara on Saturday, 10 volunteers came to paint the exterior of Space 141.

Habitat for Humanity helps Sahara Resident

Saturday, January 26th, 10 individuals with the Habitat for Humanity of the Coachella Valley volunteered at Sahara Mobile Home Park and made a huge difference in one seniors life. Her home was in need of repairs and these volunteers graciously donated their time to remove debris and paint. Take a look at the before and after photos to see the amazing difference! Thank you Habitat for Humanity!  

Lamplighter and Pillar Ridge Shoe Give Away
Lamplighter and Pillar Ridge Shoe Give Away

22 shoes were given away at Lamplighter. All of the families and children were very excited to receive these brand new shoes! After, there was an ice cream social to have the neighbors mingle while the kids enjoyed the shoes.

114 shoes were given away at Pillar Ridge The children enjoyed ice cream sandwiches after picking up their shoes. The parents were grateful for not only the shoes, but the abundance of baby clothes that were free to all residents.
Valentine's at Copacabana
Yesterday SPARC partnered with the University of La Verne’s Office of Community Engagement to bring their annual MLK Day of Service to Copacabana’s seniors. 8 university volunteers and 16 residents attended. There was a Valentine’s Day card making station, a wildflower planting station and BINGO. SPARC provided lunch and BINGO prizes for everyone.
San Juan Smoke Detector Installation
On Saturday January 19th, 75 Red Cross volunteers, including several high school's and the OC Fire Authority, installed free smoke alarms and offered disaster preparedness to San Juan Mobile Estate residents. SPARC provided lunch for everyone.
Las Casitas Red Cross Seminar
19 Las Casitas residents attended the Red Cross pre-preparedness seminar and dinner. While at the seminar, they signed up for the February 2nd installation, learned about proper escape procedures and information regarding what to do when other natural disasters strike.
Grandview's Festive Holiday Event!
42 children and 25 adults attended Grandview's Festive Holiday Event! Every child received a Festive Craft Kit which included: a snowman craft, holiday activity book, holiday stamp, red and green glitter tattoo and a holiday pin. After, Santa arrived and each child received a mini stocking filled with candy and picked a toy from the toy chest. Dinner was catered by Jakes Italian Bistro and there was a holiday cookie tray for dessert. At the end a holiday basket, $25 Stater Bros gift card and a $50 rent credit were raffled off to the adults.
Millbrook Holiday Event

On December 17th, Millbrook had their Holiday Event. Over 40 residents attended. Every child received a Festive Craft Kit which included: a snowman craft, holiday activity book, holiday stamp, red and green glitter tattoo and a holiday pin. Kari did a great job decorating and also set up coloring sheets and a card making activity for the kids. A couple from The Woods played Santa Claus and Mrs Clause. Every child received a gift and had the opportunity to take a picture with Santa. After everyone enjoyed pizza for dinner and decorated cookies for dessert.

Rancho Del Sol Holiday Fun

On December 13th, Rancho Del Sol had their Holiday Event. Over 80 residents attended. Every child received a Festive Craft Kit which included: a snowman craft, holiday activity book, holiday stamp, red and green glitter tattoo and a holiday pin. After, Santa arrived and each child received a gift.

Dinner was catered by Jakes Italian Bistro and there was a holiday cookie tray for dessert. At the end 2 holiday baskets, $25 Stater Bros gift card, $25 Hickory Ranch Gift Cards and a $50 rent credit were raffled off to the adults. 

Sahara Red Cross Preparedness Seminar
On December 10th, 50 residents attended Sahara's Resident Association Meeting. Following the meeting, Sahara had their Red Cross Preparedness Seminar. Gerald Winkel, Red Cross Preparedness Manager, spoke to the residents about the importance of emergency kits, covered the three major disasters that can affect the Palm Springs area and introduced the Smoke Alarm Event that is set for January 26th. The residents enjoyed a spaghetti dinner and 2 emergency kits and a rent credit were raffled off.
Leisure Holiday Event

On December 8th 95 residents attended Leisure’s holiday program. The children were given gifts that were donated and wrapped by the HOA, then they took a photo with Santa. After, everyone enjoyed a holiday lunch feast that was a community potluck contribution where each household brought something for all to enjoy. This was a great start to the holiday season!

The Tropics Senior Warm Kit and Wellness Seminar

On December 7th the Tropics had a Senior Warm Kit and Wellness Seminar. There were 52 residents that attended and all were able to leave with a warm kit that they assembled themselves. We had three speakers that provided valuable information to those who attended the program. The speakers were:

-Paratransit who discussed clipper cards and senior transportation options

-Spectrum who discussed the HEAP program, which assists those in need with their PG &E bills. They may also be able to provide items such as a new water heater if they qualify. There will be an application workshop on January 10th where Spectrum will come assist those that need help applying.

-Doterra who discussed the benefits of essential oils for personal health/wellness of the body and mind.

Rancho Del Sol Halloween Fun

On October 29th, Rancho Del Sol had their Halloween Event. 35 children and 9 parents attended this fun event! Laura from the center for Oral Health gave a presentation on oral hygiene and 2 children and 1 mom received free screenings and oral health kits. After, the children decorated pumpkins and glow in the dark glass jars with paint, stickers and markers. The children then decorated Halloween shaped sugar cookies and enjoyed fruit punch. Those that signed up also received their sweatshirts. 

Smoke Alarms for Copacabana!

This past Saturday 30 Red Cross volunteers installed about 80 smoke detectors at Copa. Many of the homes did not have any smoke detectors and a majority of the others homes either had ancient detectors and/or they didn’t work. The smoke detectors the Red Cross installed last for 10 years so the residents don’t need to worry about new ones for a long time! 

Rancho Vallecitos Art Event

Today Rancho Vallecitos had their Art Program launch. 25 residents attended and painted a pumpkin truck on a canvas. Dawn and Patty, residents of Rancho Vallecitos, taught the class. Everyone really enjoyed exploring their creative sides and are excited for next months class.

Grandview Halloween Event

On October 24th, Grandview had a Halloween Event.  28 children and 10 parents attended. Laura from the Center for Oral Health gave a presentation on oral health and 4 children received free screenings.  After, the children decorated pumpkins and glow in the dark glass jar globes with paint, stickers and markers. They then decorated Halloween shaped sugar cookies and enjoyed fruit punch. At the end of the event the sweatshirts were given away to all that signed up.

Pillar Ridge Halloween

14 parents and 32 children attended this year’s Halloween event in Pillar Ridge. The kids decorated pumpkins, painted glow in the dark glass jar globes and made monster cookies. We had a DJ called, The Singing Lizard”,  perform music and Halloween tunes that engaged the children for a frightful time. During intermission, the police did a presentation on Halloween safety, handed out stickers and made crafts with the kids. Lunch was served and small prizes were given to the costume contest winners. 

Copacabana Red Cross Event
On Saturday, October 20th Copacabana had their Red Cross Canvassing Event. Red Cross volunteers canvassed the neighborhood to encourage more signups for the Smoke Alarm Installation. About 40 residents signed up to have Smoke Alarms installed.
Las Casitas Ready and Resilient Seminar

On October 18th, 27 residents from Las Casitas attended the Ready and Resilient Seminar. The seminar was given by the Chief of the Rohnert Park Fire Department, Jim Thompson, who discussed the disasters that are most likely to occur around their community. He covered earthquake, fire and flood preparedness. Each resident left with two manuals that outline important procedures to follow in the event of a disaster along with phone numbers and locations that can be used in the event these emergencies arise.

SPARC raffled off four safety backpacks that had flashlights, a first aid kit, hand warmer and a body heat poncho as a starter kit for the winning residents to build their emergency packs. It was a very information event and the residents enjoyed dinner and socializing with neighbors. 

Ranch Vallecitos Lunch and Learn
27 Rancho Vallecitos residents attended the lunch and learn seminar that covered the topic of Wills and Trusts. Scott, the lawyer from Elder law in San Diego, gave a wonderful presentation that addressed the importance of a health directive; married, widowed and divorced claim benefits; HIPPA rules and answered many questions from the residents.  After the seminar concluded, lunch was served and each participant left with their own health care directive forms. 
The Woods Food Bank Event

On October 3rd 115 bags of food were distributed to residents at the Woods. About 46 bags were delivered to spaces for residents unable to make it to pick up the food.

This was an awesome event that helped so many within the park!!

Palomar East Health & Wellness Fair
On Saturday September 29th, Palomar East had their Health & Wellness Fair. 19 vendors and 40 residents participated. Palomar Health offered blood pressure screenings, the Lions Club offered vision screenings and Alex from Massage 4 Ur Health offered free massages. There was also two breakout sessions. Cindy Sawyer from Southwest Lifeline gave a presentation on fall prevention and home safety and LaTanya Runnells from Mental Health America presented on mental health and clarity. Ken Hodor, a resident of Palomar East, gave a technology presentation on how to “surf the web” for health related topics. 7 raffle prizes were raffled off and everyone enjoyed breakfast.
Westlake Alzheimer Presentation

On September 26th, Westlake had an event with Vicki Reinhold from the Alzheimer's Association and Jarrod Sieberg from the DMV. The presentation covered topics including: healthy living for your brain and body and tips from the latest research, driver safety and the aging driver, as well as local transportation services. Lunch was served to the residents that attended.


On Saturday September 22nd, 35 residents attended the San Juan Mobile Estates had their Disaster Preparedness Presentation with the Red Cross. Alicia and Rodney Escobedo gave presentations on what to do in the event of a fire, earthquake, or tsunami, as well as the importance of having an emergency kit. The residents left with emergency preparedness packets, enjoyed breakfast and two emergency kits were raffled off.

A Matter of Balance at Sahara

On September 20th, 35 Sahara residents attended the A Matter of Balance Information Seminar. Karen Clasen and Suzanne Spencer from the Fall Prevention Program at the Mizell Senior Center gave a presentation on what residents can expect from the class. Many residents expressed interest in participating. The program will be run by three certified Sahara residents. We are planning to start the program either mid-October or early December. After the initial class we are hoping to have the 4 week class several times throughout the year.

On September 11th, Copacabana had their After School Program Launch. The children enjoyed a snack, homework help and back to school themed coloring activities/word searches.
Copacabana Community Engagement Day
On August 25th, Copacabana had their Community Engagement Day with the University of La Verne. Nine volunteers from the university removed weeds and any debris or leaves around 15 homes. After, it was BINGO with seniors. Each volunteer paired up with a senior, and the four BINGO games where played in pairs. Each pair that won, the senior received a gift card from Target.
The Woods Healthy Living Event
On August 21st, The Woods had their event with Vicki Reinhold from the Alzheimer's Association and Jarrod Sieberg from the DMV. The presentation covered topics including; healthy living for your brain and body and tips from the latest research, driver safety and the aging driver, as well as local transportation services. Lunch was served to the 28 attendees.
Las Casitas Back to School Event
On August 11th, Las Casitas held their Back to School Event. 27 kids and 9 parents attended the program this year. Each child was able to interact with the Museum of Discovery stations, some of which were making teepees, building forts castles out of boxes, creation with packing peanuts, arts and various other crafts. Before the educational activities, everyone enjoyed a light breakfast. After breakfast the supplies were handed out and a tablet was raffled off.
Rancho Feliz Back to School Event
On August 11th, Rancho Feliz had their Back to School event. 65 kids and 20 parents attended the program this year. Each child was able to interact with the Museum of Discovery stations, some of which were making teepees, building forts castles out of boxes, creation with packing peanuts, arts and various other crafts. Everyone enjoyed the lunch that was purchased by the HOA. Then we handed out supplies and books, followed by raffling off two tablets and five grad packages.
Copacabana Back to School Event
On August 4th, Copacabana had their Back to School Event. Those that attended painted and were served lunch that consisted of pizza and juice boxes. Every child that attended received a backpack filled with school supplies and 2 books. Two tablets were raffled off. 30 children and 13 adults attended.
Rancho Del Sol End of Summer Event
On August 2nd, Rancho Del Sol had their end of summer program. Lunch of pizza and juice boxes were provided. Then everyone made fish in a bag slime. After receiving a lesson on the science behind making ice cream in a bag, everyone was able to make their own for dessert. The day ended with a game of water balloon dodgeball. 25 kids had a fun day!
San Juan Back to School
On July 28th San Juan had their Back to School Event. 27 kids and 12 parents attended. Lynne Kaplan and four volunteers from Urban Arts OC gave a drawing and art lesson to the kids. After everyone was able to choose from a variety of animals to paint on a canvas, all of the supplies were donated. Each child received a backpack filled with school supplies and 4 books to take home with them. One tablet was raffled off. For lunch they had pizza and juice. Everyone really enjoyed the event!
Grandview and Rancho Del Sol Back to School
On July 27th Grandview and Rancho Del Sol had their Back to School events. Every child that attended received a backpack filled with school supplies and 2 books. Two tablets were raffled off at Grandview and 1 tablet and 16 student packages were given at Rancho Del Sol.
18 kids and 4 parents attended at Grandview, 45 kids and 10 parents attended at Rancho Del Sol.
Rancho Del Sol Summer Program
On 7/19 Rancho Del Sol had their 4th summer program. 20 residents attended. Rachel Gustuson and Adam Askenaizer, the editor and lead reporter of the Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror presented. The kids learned all about the news industry, what was going on in their community and what it takes to be a reporter. Rachel and Adam went through the current issue and everyone left with a copy. They are even going to mention the event and SPARC in next week's issue

The kids made shark week pudding cups for dessert, colored pictures and did word searches that were summer themed.
Back to School at Pillar Ridge

This year, SPARC gave away 113 backpacks filled with supplies and 10 preschool packs that consisted of a book and crayons. Each school aged student left with a new book as well. While the children were collecting their new supplies, the parents took a look through all the donated clothes that were donated by Carters. The clothing ranged from infant to 4 years old.

The Sheriffs brought an inflatable obstacle course, basketball hoops, chalk, imagination station, carnival games, arts and crafts, a cotton candy machines and hotdog station. The volunteers held hacky sack races, hula hoop contests and even did some face painting. All the children and parents had a fabulous time.


CPR at Westlake
On July 16th SPARC held CPR/AED Training at Westlake. Lunch was provided. Everyone who attended learned when and how to properly use an AED, CPR, how they both work in regards to our bodies and how to respond to an emergency while waiting for emergency services. The residents even had the opportunity to practice CPR on a dummy
Everyone that attended left with a little note card describing signs of when CPR is needed and pictures of the steps to take.

Copacabana Tinkerspace Event

Today Copacabana had their kids summer event with Kathleen Caine from TinkerSpace. 15 children and 7 adults attended. First, everyone was given a short lesson on motors and circuits.  Then the kids made their very own wobblebots by connecting a circuit with a motor and battery on top of a drawing apparatus made from markers and recycled materials. Lunch was served at the end of the event, it consisted of chips donated from the social club and sandwiches and cookies. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I have attached pictures below. 

Palomar West Painting Event
On July 10th, Palomar West had their painting on canvas class with Charity Wings. The residents had an amazing time creating some of their own art!
Rancho Del Sol 4th of July Event
On June 28th, 30 children enjoyed lunch which was provided by the Yucaipa School District as well as a dessert of a 4th of July themed skewer. The kids made their own skewers using raspberries, blueberries, and mini marshmallows. They then made an American flag craft out of popsicle sticks and a firework craft using paper towel rolls. The kids broke into three teams and they competed against each other at 4 stations. Station 1 was a relay race, station 2 was bowling, station 3 was a water balloon toss and station 4 was a whipped cream eating contest. The winning team got to pick from an assortment of small prizes.
Rancho Feliz Bike Rodeo
There were a total 25 kids and 10 adults that attended this year’s bike rodeo. 14 helmets were given to the children and 10 bikes were raffled off. One little girl who won a bike decided to pick the larger sized bike to give to her father as a surprise. This was a touching moment between the two.

All the children had the helmets fitted, their bikes repaired by the Bicycle Repair of Sonoma, made bike licenses, rode the safety course and enjoyed lunch. The lunch was provided by the HOA.
Lego Engineering Events at Grandview and Rancho Del Sol
On June 22nd both Yucaipa communities had their Lego Engineering Events with Play-Well. 15 children attended at each community. Using gear meshing and motors the children made Lego ships that competed against each other on battle tracks. Grandview had a Star Wars theme and they made X Wings Ships. Rancho Del Sol was Minecraft themed and they made Minecraft Carts.
Pillar Ridge Bike Rodeo
On June 20th, despite the cold and gloomy weather, there were 5 parents and 35 kids that attended the rodeo. Silicon Valley bike coalition set up a safety course, did a safety demo, handed out lender helmets to all that didn’t have any and gave snacks. SPARC raffled off active summer equipment, gave the attendees lunch and assisted in the bikes course. After, the group did a community bike ride.
Westlake and The Woods celebrate our Veterans
Annette Wholaver, Raul Martinez, Jeremy Chapman and David Rose spoke to the residents about all the services/benefits offered to veterans, as well as veteran spouses and children in the Fresno area. Many of the residents were not aware of all of the benefits they could receive and made appointments with the presenters for a later date. Informational material, booklets, business cards, key chains, pens, and bags were given to everyone who attended. After the presentation the residents enjoyed lunch while listening to music and The Woods had a live performance from Veterans in Action (VIN). Lunch consisted of sandwiches, veggies, chips and an assortment of cookies. It was really awesome to see so many residents come out with their veteran hats and gear. 75 residents attended the The Woods event Tuesday. 58 residents attended the Westlake event on Wednesday.
Millbrook Summer Teaching Tidepool E
Tropics Launches Tai Chi Program
On June 15th, 22 residents attended the Tai Chi launch at Tropics. All the residents had a wonderful response . We had fitness items raffled off, which included water bottles, pedometer, had weights and a cool down towel. After the class, residents were given healthy snacks.
Lamplighter Bike Rodeo
Millbrook Launches Kids Summer Lunch Program
On June 11th 10 kids attended the launch of Millbrook’s kids summer lunch program. Those who attended enjoyed a coloring activity and lunch that consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, pineapple, graham crackers and chocolate milk. The program will continue every Monday and Wednesday through August 1st.
Sleep Well to Live Well Seminar at Palomar West
Sleep Well to Live Well Seminar at Palomar West
On June 6th 48 residents attended the Sleep Well to Live Well Seminar at Palomar West. Dr. Phyllis Mabbett, from Dr. Brad Eli and Associates, spoke about the importance of sleep, sleep patterns and disorders, as well as ways to improve sleep. The residents enjoyed a lunch that consisted of sandwiches, chips, vegetables and cookies.
San Juan iPhone Training
San Juan residents enjoyed CTAP (California Telephone Access Program) iPhone Training this week. The residents learned the importance of being cautious when using open WiFi networks, how to use the magnifier on their phone, how to make text bigger and make sound louder, how to use message effects and a multitude of other beneficial things. The residents gave great feedback and left with many notes and a basic training packet
Castle Fire Alarm and Mother's Day Celebration
This weekend at Castle there were 18 volunteers from Red Cross that came to install Smoke Alarms and educate the residents on fire safety/home escape plans at the Castle community. 33 homes had Smoke Alarms installed! Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this event a success!

SPARC also hosted a fun event for Mother's Day! 10 children and 3 moms came for the lunch and crafts event. Every child was able to decorate a flower, make their mom a bracelet, create a foam card, design and to go box that was filled with chocolate and fill out a “What I Love About My Mother” handout. Everyone who stayed received free lunch and were able to mingle with the Red Cross volunteers. 
Happy Mother's Day at Copacabana

On May 11th, SPARC stopped by Copacabana's After School Program to do a Mother's Day craft with the kids. After getting all their homework done the kids made Mother's Day cards, painted flower photo holders and made a"love box" filled with chocolate to give to their moms.

HEARUSA lunch and learn at the Sahara community

On May 9th, 22 residents attended the HEARUSA lunch and learn at the Sahara community. They discussed hearing loss, how to effectively use hearing aids, how to look out for signs of hearing loss and specifics on testing for hearing loss. There was also a representative from CaptionCall that discussed the ADA phone program for those with hard of hearing and how they could obtain a free phone if they qualify. To qualify they need to have a certain level of hearing loss.

5 resident did a preliminary hearing screening in the clubhouse and 10 more made appointments at HearUSA’s Palm Desert location so they can have the extensive, full hour assessment.

Everyone was served lunch and truly enjoyed learning more about this topic. 

Westlake Tai Chi Launch
On May 9th, Westlake had their Tai Chi launch. 37 residents attended this fun event! They enjoyed healthy snacks after their workout which included; Nutri Grain Bars, tangerines, yogurt and water. The class will be held every Wednesday for 8 weeks, with each class lasting one hour.
The Woods Launches Matter of Balance Program

On Monday May, 7th The Woods had the launch of their A Matter of Balance program. All 14 slots were quickly filled. Since there was such great interest in the class we are planning on launching a second program directly after the first one finishes. Attendees enjoyed healthy snacks that included; yogurt, tangerines, Nutri Grain Bars and water. The first 2 classes are introduction and discussion classes, exercises will begin the third week. Classes will continue every Monday for 8 weeks, for 2 hours each. 

Rancho Vallecitos Art Class
On May 1st Rancho Vallecitos had an art class taught by Renetta, an instructor from Charity Wings. 18 residents attended and painted canvasses of a starry night. All of the residents really enjoyed the class! Because they enjoyed this event so much, SPARC is going to look into turning this into a monthly event in all three of the San Marcos communities.
Resource Fair at The Tropics

60 residents and 30 vendors attended this year’s resource fair at Tropics. We had three breakout sessions: Strength and Balance exercise class, Diabetes seminar and Seniors with Technology seminar. Five vendors donated raffle prizes: a treats gift basket, free wills and trust consultation, coffee and mug kit, ceramic vase, environment friendly materials and bags and $50 dollars off rent credit. 

San Marcos Smoke Alarm Installation Event with the Red Cross

San Marcos Smoke Alarm Installation Event with the Red Cross


This weekend SPARC and the Red Cross partnered to provide all three Millennium communities in San Marcos free smoke alarm installations. With all three communities combined over 560 homes signed up to receive free smoke alarm installations. Each home that participated also received a one on one briefing on home safety tips, how to develop a 2 minute home fire escape plan and how to keep their families safe. A total of 180 volunteers helped make this event such a success.  

Hacienda Bocce Ball Grand Opening Tournament

This weekend SPARC hosted its first exciting Bocce Ball Tournament! 45 residents attended the tournament. There were 8 teams of four that battled for the SPARC medals. In the end, the Redneck Rollers took first, SLHB took second and the Late Bloomers took third. George even joined a team and competed with the best of them, unfortunately his team did not make the cut...this time.

After the tournament ended everyone received their medals and a great lunch was provided. All the residents enjoyed the morning games whether they were participating or watching. What a great way to spend a spring morning! In the future we are hoping to make this an annual event and even one day have Tropics and Hacienda Play for the Millennium Turk Cup.
Getting Prepared at Rancho Feliz
This past Saturday, the Red Cross was kind enough to come out and provide 50 homes with free smoke alarm installations. Residents were also provided a fire escape plan since it is so important for the residents to understand what to do in case of a fire. These can truly be lifesaving lessons! The community came out and helped as well; we had volunteers from The Rohnert Park Fire Department and Carmax on hand to help with this important and informative event.
Learning to be Prepared at Hacienda
43 Hacienda residents were treated to a yummy continental breakfast while they attended an educational seminar about disaster preparedness. There was a CERT team on hand who focused on teaching residents to use a HAM radio as well as the basic emergency procedures that would occur in Morgan Hill in the event of a natural disaster. The CERT team offered to return if there are enough interested residents for a safety certification course. This would be a really great way to make sure that Hacienda is ready for anything Mother Nature might bring their way. One lucky resident was chosen by raffle for a rent credit of $50.00. What a great morning spent learning how to be prepared while also enjoying the company of other residents!
Chinese New Year Cultural Exploration event at Grandview

The Children had lots of fun decorating Chinese containers and fortune cookies, as well as creating fans and Chinese drums.

The University of Redlands sent two students to teach the history behind Chinese New Year, the zodiac chart and calligraphy. Every student was given information on their zodiac animal and learned how to write I love you and dog in Chinese. Everyone enjoyed the learning experience and being able to dabble in a new culture. “Lots of luck for this Dog year”!!!!

Scam Seminar at San Juan Capistrano

We were very lucky to have different speakers share their knowledge with the residents about fraud and scamming topics while eating catered food from NYC Catering last week.

Jane from the Contractor State License Board spoke about contractor fraud.
Deputy Pierce from the Orange County Sheriffs Department spoke about the three most common scams: identity theft, IRS telephone scams and pretending to be your grandchild telephone scams.
John Getty from the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau spoke about cemetery and funeral scams.
Jean Campbell the last speaker for the night was from Senior Medicare Patrol, who spoke about the importance of protecting yourself and your Medicare, as well as other popular scams.

All of the speakers handed out several informational pamphlets to the residents and prizes were raffled off at the end of the seminar. We hope that all of this information will help the community in the future. BE SAFE!

Several seniors attended the Tropics Tai Chi class launch . They were able to focus on their inner Zen while improving on balance. The instructor from Life ElderCare was positive, full of energy and very patient when teaching the class. After the class, the seniors had healthy snacks(fruit, yogurt and veggies) and a $50 off rent raffle. The group was very pleased with the class and looking forward to the next one, which will take place Thursdays from 1-2. This is an 8 week course that will run 2 times a week.
Sahara had their lunch and learn seminar yesterday. We would like to thank Attorney Monica Ambos who spoke to several residents about advanced healthcare directives. The residents were educated about being prepared for the unexpected and enjoyed their hot lunch provided by Interfaith as well as drinks and dessert brought by Mission Hills Assisted living. We are very thankful for all of these wonderful people and their kind donations to our wonderful residents at Sahara.
Several caring volunteers from the University of La Verne were kind enough to go out and help out with the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration event at Copacabana. It was a day full of games and activities! Everyone at the park was invited to participate and enjoy the wonderful day. 
A continental breakfast was provided for the early senior birds. In the afternoon several children and their parents enjoyed games,relay races, the history of MLK day and were able to make their own dream cloud. They had prizes, raffles and the day was finished with a yummy lunch. 
It was a great day to remember that the sky is the limit and that only you can make your dreams come true!
Making a difference one child at a time
Copa had it's After School Program Launch this week! The students that attended received a snack, supplies and homework help. Lauren our newest team member jumped right in to help the little ones. Welcome aboard Lauren!! To teach is to touch a life forever....
The Christmas spirit is everywhere!

The Christmas spirit is everywhere!! Santa has been very busy these past few weeks. He was spotted at several Mobile Home Parks where children and adults attended the SPARC/HOA Christmas events. Every child received a wrapped gift from Santa and took a photo with him. They decorated sugar cookies, made gingerbread ornaments, colored holiday puzzles and ate a warm christmas meal in the clubhouse.

All the kids enjoyed time with their families and were on a nice sugar high. The parents gave great feedback and said how nice it was to spend time with their families and watch their kids enjoy themselves.

Many spirits were lifted and lives were touched on this most wonderful time of the year 2017!

Millbrook Community had 30 children and 10 adults 
Leisure Community had 86 children and 45 adults
Rancho Feliz Community had 104 children and 54 parents 
Las Casitas Community had 40 children and 15 parents

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Workshop
37 residents from Palomar East, West and Rancho Vallecitos attended the free Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Workshop at Palomar East. During this workshop an attorney from the California Estate and Elder Law group assisted residents with the information needed to create their own Will and Trust. Residents were able to gain a solid understanding of all the necessary documents to establish an Estate Plan. The attorney spent time going over how to create a Will and Trust, the 5 Essential Documents and Long Term Care Planning. Residents left with a sample HIPAA Waiver, a Last Will and Testament and a General Durable Power of Attorney document.
Westlake Crime Prevention Event
85 Residents of Westlake enjoyed a catered dinner while they listened to safety presentations from the Fresno Police Department, A Crime Prevention CSO, A Vehicle Burglary Detective and the Captain of the local Fresno PD. The topics were: Home Safety, alertness and proactivity, reporting to law enforcement, personal safety, and safe keeping of property. The evening ended with coffee, cookies, and the 50$ off your rent raffle!
Grandview Healthy Cooking Demo
Grandview's Healthy Cooking Demo took a hands on approach to teaching kids about healthy eating. While being taught how important it is to make healthy snack choices the kids created their own snacks! They made vegetarian burrito wraps and a bubbly grape beverage-all out of healthy and inexpensive ingredients!
Palomar East Cupcake and Conversation Event
At the Palomar East Cupcake and Conversation event a representative from the County of San Diego Aging and Independent Services gave a presentation on Alzheimer's disease and other Dementia. They discussed the 10 warning signs and strategies for interaction.
Copacabana Work Day
At Copacabana Work Day 15 students from La Verne University came out to help cleanup 10 homes in the community! They repainted one shed and did basic yard work cleanup at the other sites!
Castle's Bike Rodeo
20 kids and 5 adults attended Castle's Bike Rodeo! Every child was given a free helmet and was able to ride their bikes or rental bike around a safety course that was created by our collaborating organization, Ecology Action! Ecology Action did minor bike checks/repairs, brought 5 raffle prizes, and handed out safety coloring books!
Copacabana Back to School Event
31 kids attended this year's Copacabana Back to School event! After learning about reptiles and amphibians students were given backpacks full of supplies for school! 20 kids in Kindergarten to 6th grade received a new pair of shoes and 11 students in grades 7-12 received financial help with their school packages!
Rancho Feliz Back to School Event
65 children along with 20 adults attended Rancho Feliz's Back to School Event! The kids were able to learn about tide pool life and engage with real creatures that live within this environment. Then they made beach pudding and shell creatures! After they were given lunch and received school supplies, a free book, and 2 tablets were raffled off!
San Juan Mobile Estate's Back to School Event
25 kids attended this year's San Juan Mobile Estates Back to School Event. Kids Reptile Parties introduced the kids to an array of reptiles, amphibians, and spiders. At the end of the presentation each kid received a bag of school supplies and a new book of the choosing. One lucky kid won a brand new tablet!
Castle's Back to School Event
28 kids and 9 adults attended Castle's Back to School Program. The kids made beach pudding and magic wands. then they watched a magic show and a Hawaiian show where they learned about hula, common Hawaiian lingo and the culture! They were given pizza for lunch and collected their school supplies at the end of the program. Each child received a free book and we raffled off one tablet!
Lamplighter's Back to School Event
46 kids and 15 adults attended Lamplighter's Back to School event where they got to make magic wands, beach pudding, and enjoyed a cool magic show! Then they were able to have their face painted and eat some good breakfast! Once they finished they received their school supplies, free book, and SPARC raffled off 2 brand new tablets!
Rancho Del Sol and Grandview Back to School Event
74 kids in total attended the Back to School event at Rancho Del Sol and Grandview! The Mad Scientist showed the kids how exciting and fun science is through a variety of different experiments. At the end of the presentation each kid was able to make their own slime! Every kid also received a backpack full of supplies and a new book of their choosing. Two lucky kids from each park won a brand new tablet!
Leisure's Back to School Event
50 kids and 13 adults attended this year's Leisure Back to School event! They were divided into two groups and were able to learn about tide pool sea life and even touch different species that live in those habitats! After they went outside to play games. They they made a shell craft and beach pudding. Every child received a backpack filled with supplies and a free book. Two tablets were raffled off. In addition, SPARC added two new programs: k-6 received a free pair of shoes and 7 packages were given to students in 7th-12th grade. These packages included: P.E. clothes, Yearbooks, and a Cap and Gown (for seniors)!
Palomar West Cupcakes and Conversations
17 attended Palomar West's Cupcakes and Conversation event where they enjoyed cupcakes and a representative from the County of San Diego Aging and Independent services came and gave a presentation. The presentation provided awareness on the medicines that do not mix well with other prescriptions, over the counter medications, herbal/vitamin supplements and alcohol! The representative was very informative and answered all questions the residents had!
Rancho Del Sol Bike Rodeo

Over 70 residents came out and took part in the community Bike Rodeo. The CHP set up a bike safety course for kids to ride through and 6 off duty highway patrol taught kids how to be safe while riding their bikes. The fire department came and talked with the kids about when it is important to call 911 and when it is not. They also let the kids sit in the truck and look at all the gadgets on the engine.

The kids were able to have their face painted, enter a watermelon eating contest, toss water balloons, decorate a construction cone and enjoy barbecue.

About 40 kids were fitted with new helmets, complements of SPARC and the CHP. There was also a bike raffle for 6 bikes and 1 scooter. CHP generously donated 2 bikes.

Pillar Ridge Back to School Program
150 residents attended the Pillar Ridge Back to School Program! 110 backpacks with supplies and a book were given to each school-aged child and two tablets were raffled off. SAL brought an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable basketball game, color wheel crafts, imagination station, music, chalk art, face painting, a popcorn maker, and a bicycle powered smoothie maker! The library attended and brought a button maker, as well as other fun crafts!
San Marcos Communities' Caregiver Coalition Lunch and Learn Seminar
40 residents, from all 3 San Marcos communities, attended this year's Caregiver Coalition Lunch and Learn Seminar. 6 different representatives spoke on 6 different topics. The topics were: Straight Talk with your Doctor: Getting the Most out of your Visit; Staying Safe: Fall Prevention and Home Modification; Go-to Resources for Seniors; Help at Home: Smart Shopping for In Home Care; Prescription help; and the must have 5 Legal Documents. There was a mini resource fair with 11 different vendors!
Wood's Community Resource Fair

90 residents attended the first resource fair at the Woods. 18 organizations offered residents the chance to gather information from a variety of programs. For lunch, Sam’s Italian Deli brought in sandwiches.

9 door prizes were raffled off- a basket of goodies, $20 Walmart gift card, glass canister set, beach mat, Satellite finding binoculars, Oster Juice Blender, backpack of books and $50 off rent.

Westlake's Safety Presentations
85 Residents of Westlake enjoyed a catered dinner while they listened to safety presentations from the Fresno Police Department, A Crime Prevention CSO, A Vehicle Burglary Detective and the Captain of the local Fresno PD. The topics were: Home Safety, alertness and proactivity, reporting to law enforcement, personal safety, and safe keeping of property. The evening ended with coffee, cookies, and the 50$ off your rent raffle!
Rancho Del Sol Set Free Program
At the Rancho Del Sol Set Free Program event Set Free gave out bags of non-perishable foods, clothing, and new shoes to the residents. There was also face painting for the kids. About 35 residents stopped by and received food and clothing from this group!
Las Casita's Clothing Drive
Las Casitas held a clothing drive where 22 parents came out and were able to select new clothes for their children! We had sizes ranging from newborn to 5t. All of the clothes were donated by Carter's in Costa Mesa. Thank you Carter's!
Rancho Feliz, Las Casitas, and Leisure's Summer Program
 Rancho Feliz, Las Casitas, and Leisure’s Summer program had a total of 165 kids that began June 13th and ended July 20th where they participated in various fun summer activities. It began with the launch where the kids made their own slime, a caterpillar popsicle bug and decorated a mask with a theme of their choosing! The Healthy Cooking event is where they learned about healthy eating and were able to make their own jam from scratch. Thanks to Amy’s organic food who sponsored this event and provided bean and cheese burritos for the kids! The Wildlife Animal Encounter/Education event was where they made animal face masks, enjoyed lunch, and were able to learn about 8 different types of animals! The Magic Interactive event gave the kids the opportunity to make their own wands, create their own magic potions, and watch a cool magic show! Then the last event the kids were able to play cool carnival games to win tickets that they could exchange for prizes! They also had a water balloon fight, enjoyed lunch, and made glitter blob water bottles.
Grandview and Rancho Del Sol Summer Break Program
Grandview and Rancho Del Sol Summer Break program had a total of more than 200 kids! The program started June 13th and ended August 3rd where the kids enjoyed various fun summer activities and events. The summer program started off with listened to a presentation about what to do in the event of an earthquake, fire or other emergencies. They got to practice earthquake and fire drills, they got to decorate their own pillow cases which are intended to be there personal emergency kits, and 5 cool flashlights were raffled off! The Redlands Art Association gave the kids a chance to talk about colors and be instructed to help paid a color wheel which they even turned into an eyeball, eyelashes included! The Redlands Art Association also held another event with the kids where the instructor helped kids make their own 3D art to take home! They used glitter, sand, buttons, paint, and other odds and ends to create their masterpieces! The Champions for Change Nutrition program brought in a nutrition specialist from the San Bernadino county to talk to the kids about the importance of making healthy eating choices. The kids also had the opportunity to create their own healthy snack of 'ants on a long' with celery, peanut butter, and raisins! Yum! The kids made beach themed pudding cups, seashell critters, and a sand art craft where lunch was served by the Yucaipa School Distract Summer Lunch Program. Thank you! A Health education specialist from the San Bernadino County Animal Care and Control led the Animal Control program where they learned how to properly interact with a do, when to avoid a dog, and what to do if they encountered a stray dog. The kids were given out stickers and coloring books!
Yucaipa Unified School District Summer Lunch Program Launch
SPARC partnered with YUSD (Yucaipa Unified School District) to provide the kids in our Yucaipa communities with free, fresh, and healthy lunch for 8 weeks of the summer. Rancho Del Sol had about 30-35 kids attending each day and Grandview had 35-45 each day!
Westlake AARP Safe Driving Class
8 residents from Westlake attended the two day Safe Driving class which helped sharpen their driving skills. Upon completion residents received a certificate they could submit for a discount on their auto insurance!
Racho Feliz Father's Day and Kids Fair
15 kids and 3 adults attended Rancho Feliz Father's Day and Kids Fair. The library and fire department came and set up kids stations where kids got to do various fun activities. There was also a craft zone, sports zone, and jump house! The children really enjoyed themselves.
Rancho Vallecitos Cupcakes and Conversation
17 residents attended the first Cupcakes and Conversation presentation titled 'Good Mental Health is Ageless.' The presentation was put on by the Aging and Independent Services of San Diego. Residents enjoyed cupcakes and learn about the myths, stigma, and barriers surrounding older adults mental health.
Rancho Vallecitos Hearing Screening
12 residents from Rancho Vallecitos had their hearing check, for free, by audiologists from Hear USA. The audiologists also discussed the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. He spent time answering many questions and addressing concerns about the different forms of hearing loss.
Sahara Stroke Awareness Dinner and Learn Seminar
40 Sahara residents attended the Stroke Awareness Dinner and Learn Seminar. A registered nurse and a representative from the Eisenhower Medical Center spoke about how to prevent a stroke, what the signs are of a stroke, and what to do if someone has a stroke.
Vision Day at Palomar East
60 residents from Palomar East, West, and Rancho Vallecitos had their vision check by the Lions Club! Residents waited in the clubhouse enjoying donuts and coffee until it was their turn. The tests were conducted in the Lions Club's Mobile Health Screening trailer. If residents were found to need glasses and are unable to afford them, they were given a voucher for a free pair.
Leisure Mother's Day Event
20 moms and 26 kids attended Leisure Mother's Day event. The kids served their Mom's breakfast and made crafts/cards for them. The mom's and daughters were given full makeovers with makeup, hair styling, and manicures. These services were donated by Lytle Beauty College students. Once the mom's and kids had makeovers, they were able to go in the photo booth to have their photos taken!
Copacabana Mother's Day Event
About 20 kids attended Copacabana Mother's day event. 2 volunteers from the University of La Verna helped kids paint pots and plant flowers for their moms. Kids enjoyed pizza and ice cream and made greeting cards. Orchard Supply donated the pots, flowers, and potting soil for the event.
Tropics Mobile Health Clinic Launch
At Tropic's Mobile Health Clinic Launch, Tri-City health is bringing their mobile health clinic to residents on a bi-monthly basis. When the clinic is on site, the residents have access to blood pressure screenings, yearly checkup appointments, general illness appointments, glucose screenings, hearing tests and any general overall health concerns that residents can get check out.
Tropics Spring Fling
35 residents attended the Tropics Spring Fling! This event serves as a clothing exchange among the park, where residents can donate their clothes, accessories, household items and decor. The items were organized into sections for the residents and were able to shop for new clothes, enjoy coffee, and eat donuts!
Hacienda Valley's New Year, New You Seminar

Hacienda Valley had its New Year, New You Seminar, where 45 residents and 8 speakers attended. The topics revolved around Alzheimer's, Seniors Independent Technology, In Home Support Services, Bone Density, Guardianship and Nutrition.

After the presentations, residents received access to a free library of independent technology to rent and test out. Also, there were Bone Density screenings for $15 dollars and SPARC raffled off 5 free screenings.

Westlake Matter of Balance Program
The Westlake Matter of Balance Program is an 8 week program that is held two days a week, and is geared to help seniors improve balance and mobility. We are hoping to repeat this program later in the year and expand it to residents at The Woods.
Pillar Ridge and Lamplighter Spring Break Programs
Pillar Ridge and Lamplighter Spring Break Programs had a total of 75 kids and 35 volunteers from SAL and Champions for Change attend. Each child participated in a number of athletic stations including: Frisbee, Soccer, Relay Races, Imagination Blocks, Chalk, Hula Hoop and Toss Up. Everyone received lunch and each child was entered into the raffle to win various exercise prizes.
Rancho Del Sol and Grandview Spring Break Program
Rancho Del Sol and Grandview’s Spring Break Programs started on April 4th and ended on April 7th. A total of 75 kids attended the week’s events, which consisted of Burrtec Waste coming and educating the kids on recycling through various activities and crafts. There was also a reptile day, where Kids Reptile Parties brought a medley of different snakes, lizards and spiders for the kids to interact with. Each day, the kids were served lunch after their activities were completed.
Westlake Resource Fair
18 Vendors and 40 Residents attended Westlake resource fair. 8 raffle prices were donated by the vendors. The largest prize was a 2 hour limo ride with a wine and trail mix gift basket. After the raffle, residents were served lunch!
Wood's Scam Seminar
120 Residents attended Wood's Seminar. They received a catered spaghetti dinner. While they ate, a panel of 4 speakers gave insightful information on common scams that seniors encounter.
Leisure After School Program Launch
4 kids attended Leisure After School Program Launch where they worked on homework and made slime! This program has since grown to 12 consistent children. Each student receives access to tutoring, snacks, and different crafts. This will be an ongoing program that started on March 24th until May 24th and will resume in September.
Leisure's Spring Break Sport Camp
At Leisure Spring Break Kids Sport Camp 40 kids and 10 student athletes attended! The kids started with a warm up with the Athletic Director and were able to take part in a soccer math/drills, basketball dribbling, a jump rope off, Frisbee, relay races, board games and spring themed crafts. Everyone there received lunch and 6 items (reusable water bottles, step tracker, jump ropes, catching games) were raffled off!
Rancho Feliz Spring Break Active Program
A total of 24 kids and 8 students from SSU came to the Spring Break kids active program at Rancho Feliz.
The day began with the Athletic Director, Shannon Percell, leading warm up drills and stretches. Then the kids had 6 stations to participate in: jump rope, frisbee, relay races, soccer drills, twister and a pie in your face board game. The kids had a blast working with the athletes, while breaking a sweat.
Yucaipa Coat Give Away
35 kids from Rancho del Sol and 30 kids from Grandview took part in the winter kids party and coat give away. 15 students from a Sorority at the University of Redlands volunteered to oversee various game and craft stations for the kids. The stations were: giant tic-tac-toe, turn a person into a snowman, musical chairs, create a snowflake chain and a station to make snowballs for the upcoming snowball fight. After playing and creating at the different stations, the kids enjoyed lunch from Jersey Mikes.  
Copacabana MLK Day Celebration
10 students from the University of La Verne helped 34 kids at the Copacabana Mobile Home Park celebrate MLK Day and learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. Kids took part in various activities located at 6 different stations, with each station having an educational element. After taking part in each station, kids received a stamp, which they then were able to redeem for prizes. After prizes there was pizza, cookies and musical chairs!
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